The king of music in this day and age has to be the guitar. Acoustic or electric guitar it doesn't seem to make a difference. I think it has finally usurped the piano as the most popular instrument to play. It dominates popular music and has for decades.


Because the guitar is so popular there are a lot of free lessons around the web some of them have correct information, a lot are way off the mark but the majority are either old fashioned, incomplete of partly correct and partly wrong (particularly 'tabs') 


So how does one sort out the godd from the bad in all this?

The answer seems to be to seek out music lessons  from a qualified and experienced teacher to get better. Don't seek out lessons from someone who is a little better than you or even better but similar. To get the most out of music classes one needs to find a music teacher who is leap years beyond you.


Why? Because only this sort of music instructor can see the 'big picture' of your musical needs. Only someone who has seen your situation before in themselves or others can guide you past your current musical issues onto new ground

Winnipeg Music Lessons
River Heights School of Music
2nd Floor of the Tuxedo Park Shopping Center (Safeway, Starbucks)
202-2025 Corydon Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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