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Tax Credit for the Arts

Last year was the last time you could claim any of the federal tax credit for the arts. So we are not handing out receipts as there is not much use for them according to our accountant.
If you need one one for other reason (child support/custody issues) we can issue one.

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Cartoon Drums

The Elements of the Drumset

The Instruments of the Drum set.

We tend to think of the drums as a single instrument. In fact it is a collection of percussion instruments. Those drums and cymbals that now, and in the past, can be played as individual instruments. We can still see snare drummers drumming in a parade band. See someone playing toms or bass drum in a marching band and see an orchestral percussionist clap two cymbals together at the end of a crescendo!

If you want to learn more about the drums check out our article and video on our sister site