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Free Guitar and Ukulele Picks!

A few years ago I discovered the innovative Pick Punch. For years guitarists have been fashioning picks out of old credit cards. But since then we have moved from the once in 5 years new card to plastic cards being used for gift certificates, rewards and memberships.

This week we got a mail out from CAA. As we have two new cars in the fleet and no use for roadside assistance, it was an opportunity to turn this membership card into guitar picks to give to music students.


Before Picture of the Pick Punch and the CAA Card

And after.

After Picture Of Pick Punch and

As you can see I can get 5 picks out of one card.

So if you have an expired card of any sort, bring it in and I can turn it into picks for our students or even for you!

Some Changes At the School

You may be new to our school or maybe a long time student. We like to change things here and there. This September we replaced the waiting room chairs with benches to give more seating area, we painted the front area and got a new reception desk. WE do it because it needs doing. But have your ever gone into a business that hasn’t updated a single thing. Maybe the chairs are too soft. Maybe the paint is faded. Maybe the sign is peeling.

We still have passion for what we do here! We do music and music is timeless and universal. We love coming in each and everyday. While some workers hate Mondays we feel refreshed and energized! A coat of paint and some new furniture may not seem like a lot but to the staff and to the customers it represents and investment. An investment in the here and now and the future. As we close in on 40 years in the music business, 20 years teaching in Winnipeg and 10 years of music lessons at the school, it should warm you to know we still care about our staff and students and love teaching music lessons now as much as ever!

Here’s to a great new year of learning, teaching and playing music!


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