Music Classes

“Try It Lessons”

Want to Try A Music Lesson?

Call 204-487-3664 anytime to find out more!!

Our “Try It Lesson” music classes have been and continue to be a great way for you or your child to find out about music lessons at our school.

While this not a free class, you can take a one time no obligation music lesson to find out if music lessons in general or a specific musical study are for you or your kid.

What You’ll Find Out at Your Try It Lesson Music Class

At your lesson you will find out many things about the instrument you have chosen. Things like:

  • The history of the instrument.
  • Parts of the instrument.
  • What takes place at regular lessons.
  • Perhaps how to play something simple.
  • What to look for in a new, used or rental instrument.

What You’ll Need to Bring to your “Try It Music Class”

Nothing! No instrument no books to buy. If you have an instrument that you want us to look at (to determine whether it is appropriate for the student) please bring it along!

We have Pianos, Keyboards, Ukuleles, and Drums already here for you to use. For voice, obviously you only need to bring yourself. We do not have any violins or cellos because of all the different sizes needed, and for hygienic reasons, we do not supply any wind instruments

Anything Else?

The cost is the same as any single half hour music lesson and is open to all ages and other members of the family are encouraged to sit in.

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Winnipeg Music Lessons
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