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The electric bass, sometimes mistakenly referred to as the bass guitar (a different instrument all together), is the solid body, usually fretted, electric version of the upright bass AKA double bass. The electric bass come ins many formats 5-10 string versions, double course versions fret-less versions. By far the most popular is the original 4 string fretted electric bass.

The bass teachers at River Heights School of Music are versed in both as well as all the styles associated either. Most importantly they are bass players and not guitar instructors pressed into service of teaching bass. As with all our teachers, the bass teachers are university educated.

Our bass lessons start with the basics like holding the instrument, proper right and left hand positioning and the basics of music like note reading, understanding rhythm and other skills. We can then move on to areas of music study like arpeggios, scales, bass line construction, learning bass parts from existing music and improving overall technique. Unique to the electric bass is the fun technique of ‘thumbing and popping’

Bass students also get to explore other styles of music with their teacher like:

We can also prepare advanced students for University and College music program auditions

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