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About the Excellent Music Teachers at River Heights School of Music

You may  have noticed we do put up individual bios of our teachers. We do this for a number of reasons. Mostly because other lesson centres that do that, shouldn’t.

What that means is that music stores that tell you about their teacher who took a few lessons at their store, played in few high school bands and is now a teacher is nothing to brag about.

On the other hand we have lots to brag about!

Our teachers are professional musicians.

They have music degrees.

Many are multi-instrumentalists

They have extensive performance experience.

Not just some of them but…

All of Them!

That is something you just can’t get from a teacher who may be good at playing but picked up those music skills informally. It is not important for a music teacher just to be better than the student; the teacher needs to have a ‘big picture’ way of looking at music education. Knowing what lies further up the road for a music student is critical to giving the new musician all the tools they might need no matter where they decide to take their music.

Our music teachers  have extensive performance experience. Whether it is recitals, juries, concerts, private functions, weddings, bars, clubs or church groups our teachers have done it. Why is this important? These are real world application of music skills and, while we realize not all of our students go on to perform, the skills the teacher will impart can be used in other areas of life like presentations, job interviews and public speaking.

All our teachers have had criminal record checks and vulnerable sector screening.

We are also amazed at how so many of our music teachers volunteer their time. Whether it is; using their music skill at their church, or local community groups or in a 3rd world country, we are proud to say our teachers are also great human beings.

The way other music lesson providers do it

Imagine going to another lesson center a with the typical sliding scale of teacher abilities, if you come on Wednesdays you get the qualified teacher if you come  on Tuesdays you get the high school kid. Usually at those types of music lesson facilities you pay the same price irrespective of the teacher’s qualifications or experience.

So come take your music lessons at the River Heights School of Music where all the teachers are qualified music professionals!

River Heights School of Music
2025 Corydon Ave. #202
(2nd floor of the Tuxedo Shopping Centre)
Winnipeg Manitoba