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Cajon Lessons

Cajon Classes in Winnipeg

The Cajon (ka-hone) is Spanish for drawer or box. Matter of fact in any kitchen party someone in the Afro-Peruvian tradition might pull out a drawer and start to play it.

As you can gather it is an instrument of Peruvian descent. It is played by sitting on it and getting various tones by hitting it with your hands in different places on the front and sides. It can also be played with specialized cajon brushes call brooms.

While you can play the cajon in Peruvian music as well as many Latin American musical styles you can also play flamenco music.

On top of that you can play patterns that fit well with rock, pop blues and even jazz!

That is a lot of versatility from a little box.

While you could study the cajon all year it might be a better as part of a percussion study or our spring/summer 6 week Meet the Instrument Sessions

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