Winnipeg Cello Lessons

How to Use Your Make-up Credits

When you, your teacher or the school need to cancel a lesson, your lesson management system creates make up lesson credits. Some are unsure about how to use these effectively but there are quite a few options.

Book a different time that week.

An easy step is to cancel the lesson and immediately look for an alternate time that same week or even a different time that same day. This keep the momentum of weekly lessons going.

Add time onto an existing spot.

If your teacher has an opening before or after your regular spot, you can add 15 or 30 minutes to either the beginning or end (depending on availability) of your current time.

Video Instruction over any closures.

Some teacher are willing to do a video lesson make up class during times we are closed. This can be set up directly with the teacher.

Tack lessons on at the end of the year.

We can even tack these lessons on after the end of June.

You are not that concerned with make up lessons.

We do have many families that don’t worry about getting any or all of their make up lessons taken care of.

Please note:

These are not financial credits, there are no refunds for unused make up lessons.
If you quit before the end of the session, they are no longer valid.
If you do not pre-register for the next session, they are no longer valid.

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