Jazz Improvisation Lessons

This is a study open to any instrument.

Jazz improvisation is the best gateway to being able to improvise solos on, of course, jazz tunes, but also any kind of music. You can sound “jazzy” on a folk tune but you can also take this information to play any style with authenticity. We can think of know better way to understand music theory and your instrument than studying the elements used in this kind of improvisation.

Because this is not a focus instrument study, you need to know how to play your instrument and be able to bring your instrument to our school. You may not have all of these skills but having as many as possible will definitely help you

  • Able to read music
  • Know names of the notes on your instrument
  • Understand basics like, key signature, time signature, etc.
  • Understanding of the rhythm grid up to 16th notes and the triplets in between
  • For chordal players, some knowledge of major & minor chords in all keys as well as a knowledge of diminished and augmented triads
  • Ability or at least some awareness of ‘lead sheet’ ‘fake book’ style chart reading

What you’ll learn with Jazz Improvisation

  • How to improvise with only 1-3 notes
  • Major scale and the mode derived from it
  • Minor scales other than the ones found in the modes
  • Major and Minor penta-tonic scales as well as 3 others
  • Arpeggios
  • How to manipulate scales and arpeggios to create solos
  • How to interpret and reinterpret melodies
  • Song forms
  • Top jazz tunes
  • How to use this information to improvise in any style
  • Learn to play with others

So sign up today and start your journey to musical expression through Jazz Improvisation today

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