Winnipeg Cello Lessons

Cello Lessons

Winnipeg Cello Lessons

The cello is a bowed or plucked string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths. The strings from low to high are generally tuned to C, G, D and A3 )an octave lower than the viola).
It is a member of the strings family of musical instruments, which also includes the violin and viola and the double bass. The cello is used as a solo musical instrument, as well as in ensembles (e.g., string quartet), string orchestras, as a member of the string section of symphony orchestras, and some types of rock bands.
It is the second-largest and second lowest (in pitch) bowed string instrument, the double bass being the largest and having the lowest (deepest) pitch.

Our strings program offers private instruction in cello. Most cello lessons start at 10 years of age or older. We offer  cello programs in both the Suzuki and Royal Conservatory programs.

We have students of all ages from children to adults. Our students who chose to do the Royal Conservatory system consistently score very high on their examinations. Our  cello teachers have university or college degrees in their instrument and many perform regularly with local orchestras or bands. Our private lessons are one-on-one instruction and lesson lengths are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour.

Cello Classes

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