Guitar Piano and Voice Lessons

Our Recital

We have had our Recital the Second Sunday in June (the Sunday before Father’s Day) We used to have it at St. Andrews (River Heights) United Church  They have plenty of seating, a nice grand piano, Lots of room on stage and is not overly loaded with religious icons.
With all the lockdowns we haven’t had one since 2019.

We hope to have something in 2023

Our music recital is a completely free, completely optional and VERY low pressure affair. People have dropped out  or decided at the last minute to join us. It doesn’t matter.

Having said that, students who participate in music recitals and public performances, are 8 times more likely to stick at music instruction.

Year after year we get compliments on the diversity of ages and variety of performance of our music students. 5 year olds take the stage as well as teens and adults. Pop songs, rock songs, nursery songs, classical pieces played on pianos, guitars, violins, drums and singing.

River Heights School of Music
2nd Floor of the Tuxedo Park Shopping Center (Safeway, Starbucks)
202-2025 Corydon Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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