Why Choose Music Lessons

Looking for a positive activity for you or your kids?

Music lessons are a great alternative to many of the common activities people think of.

Here are some things that make music classes a better past time for some people.

No competitive aspect
We know some kids just do not like the competitive aspect of many other activities. With private music lessons the student is only in competition with themselves.

Time saver.
Sports have games and practices and tournaments. Dance and martial arts have multiple classes to attend per week. Both have lots of driving. Music lessons have only one class per week and a year end recital.

Music helps with school.
Countless studies have found that music lessons help with everything from IQ to spatial acuity.
Music Helps with School

Positive Environment.
While we know sports and all physical activity is good for us some aspects of it are not great. Other kids can be over competitive, trash talk and hurt other kids feelings. Let’s be honest some parents can be a little too into the game and make it not so fun for the kids. That sort of thing doesn’t happen practicing an instrument at home

Music can provide needed balance. Most kids play sports and video games. If a kid is putting 2 hours a day into gaming they don’t get much out of it except the fun of the game. When they complete the game they have no new skills and there is always a new game to buy. If they took just a  hour out of that gaming and applied it to a musical instrument they would have a new skill and something to show for their time.

So if you are looking for an activity for your kids that keeps them away from the TV or video games or are looking to balance their life away from the sports field.

Guitar Lessons

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