Adult Music Lessons

Music Lessons For Adults

One of the first assumptions some people have is that we only teach music to kids. Not true, we also teach adults.

There are a few differences between teaching music to adults and teaching music to kids.

While there is the assumption that kids absorb better that adults.

Adults can be more committed to the practicing.

Adults have intrinsic motivation that can be nurtured.

They want to play an instrument, they can see a goal in the future and they can imagine a place in their lives for a musical instrument .

There is also some evidence that suggests that the more experienced brain can actually learn better.

Adults have the advantage of having learned a lot of skills already and that can aid in the learning of a musical instrument. Adults are also good at being self starters, not needing someone to remind them to practice.

Adults do have some issues to be careful of.

First off they have stuff to do. Work being one of them.

Unlike kids with 200 (or less) days of 6 hours (or less) of school per year, most adults have 50 weeks of 8 hours of (or more) work per year plus commute.

Oh and grocery shopping and household duties.

If you have kids then you can add driving them to school and taking care of them.

Still adults do manage to take music lessons and learn how to play.

They do it using the same time management skills that allow them to get those other things done.

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