Bridgwater Music Lessons

Straight up Kenaston Road from the Bridgwater and Bridgwater Forest  areas of Winnipeg, is the River Heights School of Music. The Music Lesson Centre is located on the edge of Tuxedo, so it is convenient to those seeking music classes for themselves or their children.

If you are looking for lessons right in Linden Woods, you do not have many options. You can choose to take lessons in someone’s house or have them come to you. But you have to ask yourself these questions;

  • Are they truly qualified? Music Degree and Experience
  • Are they vetted? With a full background check
  • Is their teaching environment clean and safe? Pet free, child safe, secure area, etc.

Lucky for you, the River Heights School of Music is just 8 minutes away from the Linden Woods  area of Winnipeg. Coming straight up Kenaston to Corydon will have you at our front door in no time.

This is a main surface route so it is cleared well in the winter.

Not only that,  our music school is staff by superior teachers and better amenities for families. You can shop at Safeway before , during or after the class. Stop in at StarbucksM&M meats, Shoppers Drug MartMLCCBMOVita Health and more.

Whatever kind of music lessons you where taking at present, or are thinking of taking in the future, we have them at River Heights School of Music. Besides the obvious Piano, Voice and Guitar classes, we have instruction in Violin, Drums, ukulele, bass, bodhran, cello, cajon, dejembe, and more!

Music Lessons Winnipeg

River Heights School of Music
2025 Corydon Ave. #202
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3N 1P5