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Crescentwood Winnipeg Music Classes

Since the relocation of Long and McQuade (the big box music chain) to the south end of town, families looking for music lessons in the Crescentwood are of Winnipeg, have been left in the lurch.

Luckily we are just minutes away (10 minutes according to Google). If you live west of there it is even closer!

Not only that,  our music school is staff by superior teachers and better amenities for families. You can shop at Safeway before , during or after the class. Stop in at Starbucks, M&M meats, Shoppers Drug Mart, MLCC, BMO, Vita Health and more.

Whatever kind of music lessons you where taking at Long and McQuade, or are thinking of taking, we have them at River Heights School of Music. Besides the obvious Piano, Voice and Guitar classes, we have instruction in Violin, Drums, ukulele, bass, cello, cajon, Bodhran, dejembe, and more!

Winnipeg Music Lessons

River Heights School of Music
2025 Corydon Ave. #202
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3N 1P5