Music Lesson Gift Certificates

Music lessons and instruments are the perfect and most traditional of gifts. You can register them online by clicking here.

If signing someone up for the year is not what you are looking for, you can buy an 8 week package for your budding musician.

At River Heights Music School we have a 8 week lesson pack. Available for students who live in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. Any and all levels and ages are welcome

We now offer a pay online option below, so you can give the gift of music lessons from anywhere in the world.

So be the hero of the day with the gift of music lessons. We teach Piano, Voice, Guitar as well as Drums, Bass and Ukulele.
See our music lessons List to see all the current musical instruments we offer lessons for.

8 lessons package with registration fee included

Who is this gift for?

For The Advanced Out of Town Musician

Sign up for video lessons or give the gift of lessons to someone who doesn’t live in Winnipeg and may only want or need lessons here and there. Whether it is another town in Manitoba, another city in Canada or another country all together, these video lessons will be the gift of a lifetime.

Live Zoom Lessons

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