Register For Music Lessons

Register For Music Lessons at River Heights School of Music

Registering for music lessons at the River Heights School of Music is a relatively easy process.

We do not have an online form as we like to meet all our students and families

You can call 204-487-3664 Monday to Thursday between 10-9, Friday Between 10-7 or Saturday 10-4 and put a spot on hold for a couple of days. Then Drop by the office during studio hours to register in full and set up payment.

Or you can drop by the office Monday to Thursday 3-9, Fridays 3-7 or Saturdays 10-4. and do it all in one step

Setting up Payment

You can pay for your music lessons in one of 3 ways

  • Pre-Approved Debit from your bank account. This requires you bring in a void cheque or bank issued document.
  • Payment in full Debit, Visa or MasterCard (we do not do auto debit from credit cards)

Lessons during the Summer are paid in full.

So drop in, call or write today.

River Heights School of Music
2025 Corydon Ave. #202
(2nd floor of the Tuxedo Shopping Centre)
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