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Tuxedo Music Instruction

Even though we are called River Heights School of Music, we are actually located in the Tuxedo area of Winnipeg. We started out in River Heights but close to Tuxedo. Now we are on the eastern edge of Tuxedo. Our music students come from all over Winnipeg but we are very convenient  to families in the Tuxedo area.
We are the only music lesson center in the area, but our music classes are the best in the area and in the city of Winnipeg.

Not only that,  our music school is staff by superior teachers and better amenities for families.

You can shop at Safeway before , during or after the class. Stop in at Starbucks, M&M meats, Shoppers Drug Mart, MLCC, BMO, Vita Health and more.

We teach; piano guitar, singing, violin, cello, drums, ukulele and more. While you are waiting for you or your children in their music class you can shop at Safeway or relax at Starbucks.

Music Lessons Winnipeg

We do not  know the origins of naming this area of Winnipeg, but in someways it seems to appropriate. Nice houses, nice families with children of all ages. The area is bordered by Assiniboine Park and Zoo. The Forest, CMU  Shaftsbury High School

River Heights School of Music
2025 Corydon Ave. #202
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3N 1P5