Video Music Lessons

Video Music Lessons

Starting in the March of 2020, the River Heights School of Music began offering video lessons to students. What started as a need for a few music students, families and teachers to have contactless music classes , quickly escalated into the need to do 100% video lessons.

Being musicians, we were able to adapt quickly. Everything from finding the right platform to the right sound settings, to prerecording lessons and examples. This allowed students to continue their music lessons long after every other activity was cancelled.

Now if you are not one of our current students and you are thinking you can take online lessons anywhere from anyone, think again. You can’t ask YouTubers questions during a lesson, you can ask a question in the comments, but good luck getting a response. YouTube videos are done by anyone. Our video lessons and YouTube supplemental lessons are done by qualified professionals. As a bonus, you would be able to continue with your teacher in real life! Take that YouTube!

Going Forward

Today we can find a great use for video lessons.

  • A great alternative to coming in sick
  • An alternative to winter storm driving
  • A great replacement for make up lessons
  • A way to keep music lessons going even from the cottage
  • An alternative for those living in rural areas
  • An alternative for shift workers
  • A supplement for those that only get into town one or twice a month

One thing that needed to change, long before the pandemic and should continue till the end of time, is parents sending sick kids out to their music lessons. I have lost count of the number of times I have taught a sniffling & feverish kid only to find out they were too sick to go to school!
I guess the logic is they are paying for it. You pay for school too it is just more hidden in your property taxes. Well now, they can get their ‘money’s worth’ and have a lesson from their home and not infect the teacher or other students.
Of course if a student is too sick to take any sort of lesson, a traditional make-up lesson may be required.

Winter Driving

Our winters are cold, very cold. The one upside is we don’t get big snowstorms very often. When we do, the city is very slow getting the plows out. With the video music lessons as an option, you can have your lesson from home!

While we only guarantee 2 make up lessons per year for serious illness or family emergency, we do try to find hole in the schedule to accommodate other make up lesson needs. With a video lesson those opportunities may have increased.

Music Lessons at the Lake

Once spring arrives, many Winnipeg families like to take off to the lake. They want make up lessons, rescheduled lessons etc.
This is easy enough. Guitars, Ukuleles, Keyboards, drum sticks, etc. are easily transportable, singers always have their voice. As long as you have WiFi, you can have your music lesson.

Out of Town Music Lessons

We get many inquiries from families and individuals looking music lesson in the rural areas of Manitoba. You may not have a music lessons centre near you, nor a music teacher of any sort. Maybe you have a music teacher but they don’t teach the instrument you want to learn.
Well look no further. You can start your lessons today with an online teacher.

As well we get inquiries from rural families that only come into Winnipeg once or twice a month. Now you can sign up for music lessons, take some in the school and some at home! All you need is WiFi.

So the new normal in music lessons is the remote video or ‘contactless’ version or option. Click here to get the most out of any video lessons experience!

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