Why Choose Our School

Why Choose the River Heights School of Music?

There are many music lesson providers in Winnipeg, but they are not created equal. Use this check list to see if we are the right school for you

Music Studio Check List

River Heights School of Music

Other Lesson Providers

University and College Trained Teachers.

Lessons Available Mornings Afternoons and Weekends

Concentrated solely on music lessons and not on retail sales.

Piano, Voice, Guitar & Ukulele lessons available everyday we are open

Focused on private lessons

Year-Round Teaching

Students can choose between all styles of music.

Choice of more than one teacher for most instruments.

Instruction available students for age 5 to adult..

Ability to schedule lessons for 2, 3 or more family members at the same time to save you time and money.

Royal Conservatory Preparation.

Optional low-pressure recital offered once a year free of charge

Desk Staff to assist you during all teaching hours.

Plenty of free parking.

Class rooms big enough to accommodate teacher, student and parent.

Located in a facility where you can relax, have coffee or go shopping.

Uses state of the art professional grade equipment.

The River Heights School of Music
202-2025 Corydon Ave
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3P 0N5