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We are open

As it stands right now, we can stay open to in-person classes as we are “78. A business that provides tutoring or other individualized educational instruction.”

You can find the whole order here

We recognize that many of you want to limit your trips out of the house and so we can switch you to (or start you on) video classes for the duration. Here is a link to making your video experience better Getting the Most out of your Video Lessons  If you wish to continue with your in-person do nothing. If you want to convert to video lesson or start lessons of any kind, just call or send us an email. 

Until next time Robert

Our Strategy During These Weeks

In these 2 weeks leading up to March Break we are going to continue with lessons as usual. We will continue the same way after March Break.
Private music lessons are among the safest of activities to participate in at anytime. Our rooms are large enough for ‘social distancing’ with only 2-3 people in a room.

The Waiting Area

We do ask that you not crowd the waiting area, come up stairs if you want but just let your child in the school or, in the case of adult students, just come in. If you need to wait nearby you can wait in the hall. If you see the waiting room is occupied, please wait till it clears

Cleaning Protocols

I am going to be honest, clear and blunt here with you; we have 9 years of experience dealing with kids coming to lessons sick. I have lost count of the number of times some student was too sick to go to school but was still sent to music lessons.
Now (and anytime of the year) if you or your child is sick, stay at home.
We have had disinfectant wipes in every room for 9 years. All of us here have been doing self-employed “gig economy” since before it became a catch phrase. Teachers and staff are constantly wiping down the pianos and contact surfaces. If we get sick, we don’t get sick days.
We are incredibly invested in cleaning our work spaces, always have been, always will be.

Going Forward

If any of our students gets sick they should stay home. If they test for C-19 they should stay home.
We do offer make-ups for serious illness, always have, always will.
If you feel fine but are part of a self/family isolation we will have live video lessons available at your regular time with your regular teacher.

We have no plans to cancel the recital, suspend lessons or close up shop. We want to continue providing music lessons for our students, provide employment for our teachers and staff while keeping every body’s health a priority. I thank you in advance for your patience and calmness as we navigate through these days together.

“A Good Fit” for your “Learning Style”

One of the many benefits of our music school is the ability to give you a wide range of teachers based on age and gender. In our modern world these things are not supposed to mater. In truth, things like the age or gender of a qualified teacher (the only kind we have) has no bearing on how well a student does. Yes there can be issues around comfort levels. (retirees not wanting lessons from a 20-something, teens not wanting to be in a room with an oldster, general parents fear) but, in the long run, a qualified teacher and an attentive, respectful student are a team to making the student a better musician.

Another myth that has recently been debunked is ‘learning style’


Here is a great article on the topic of myths around the normal brain.

The concept of different “learning styles” is one of the greatest neuroscience myths