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Summer Hours

We are open for music lessons in the summer. We reduce the schedule to keep them off the summer weekends.

We are open Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm-7pm.

These are only for the 5 weeks of July and August.

If you have any questions please call 204-487-3664 or write as we are answering our phone and emails outside of those hours.

Music Lesson Registration Winnipeg

Music Lesson Registration Now Open

The River Heights School of music is accepting new and returning students for our September to June 2019-20 Music Teaching Year.

We are also accepting students for our Summer Session.

Come to the best private music school in Winnipeg. Study Piano, Voice Guitar and much more!

Closed Monday May 20th

While we are open Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th of the May Long Weekend (Victoria Day) we are closed our usual Sunday (the 19th) and closed the holiday Monday.

Reminder that we are closed all stat (federal) holidays as well as Spring and Christmas breaks

Closed For Spring Break

From March 23rd to March 31st, the River Heights School of Music will be closed for lessons during the March break. We will still be answering the phone and replying to emails.

While this is good news to many of ours kids and their families (especially the ones going away) this is greeted with surprise with our adult music students.

We decided to be closed both Saturdays this year to allow our vacationing music students the same break as our music students that are staying in Winnipeg. The only difference is the ones staying here in the city will be able to practice.

In lieu of this, we will be open the Saturday of the Victoria Day Weekend that we have traditionally closed for.

Have a fun and safe break!

River Heights School of Music Staff Party

Every year we hold a staff party for our music teachers and reception staff. We now hold it in February. While hold staff parties outside the Christmas holiday time period is not new, we do it because that time is so busy for all musicians. We play more private events, Christmas parties and such. If we play at church there is more services and music to prepare. If we work in the school system (or have our own kids) there is more there too. So holding it in February is a good fit.

Catered By The Greek Market

We get the food from local River Heights Winnipeg stalwart The Greek Market. The food is great and who doesn’t like Greek cuisine?

it is a came and go as you please but we usually have everyone arrive early and stay later. It really is a good chance for teachers to meet each other outside of the music studio and meet teachers and staff they don’t normally interact with.

Holiday Hours!

We are open for lessons and gift certificate purchases until Thursday Dec 20th at 9pm. 

We resume office and teaching hours on Friday January the 4th at 3pm

You can still purchase a gift certificate through our website and we will provide a personalized certificate right up until Christmas Eve.

Thank you and have a great holiday!

Halloween At The School

There are a number of days through the year that we are open that people think or assume we are not. One of those days is Halloween. While it does conflict with the notion that kids can’t do both, we do have a certain logic.

  1. Not all our students are little kids.
  2. Some are adults
  3. The young ones tend to come to the earlier classes just after school and well before any trick or treating.
  4. The older ones tend to come later and after the trick or treating, with many realistically, too old to be going out.
  5. It is only a half hour lesson.

So we have treats, we want to see your costume and we still have lessons.

Free Guitar and Ukulele Picks!

A few years ago I discovered the innovative Pick Punch. For years guitarists have been fashioning picks out of old credit cards. But since then we have moved from the once in 5 years new card to plastic cards being used for gift certificates, rewards and memberships.

This week we got a mail out from CAA. As we have two new cars in the fleet and no use for roadside assistance, it was an opportunity to turn this membership card into guitar picks to give to music students.


Before Picture of the Pick Punch and the CAA Card

And after.

After Picture Of Pick Punch and

As you can see I can get 5 picks out of one card.

So if you have an expired card of any sort, bring it in and I can turn it into picks for our students or even for you!