Halloween Candy

Lessons as Usual Halloween

We are always open for Lessons on Halloween. It works well. The kids young enough can have their lessons before trick or treating and the the teens who are too old to go can go for their lessons and the adults have usually had their party the Friday or Saturday before.

We also always have treats for students in attendance!

Because of this, we have never before allowed make up lessons. Imagine all 5 teachers on a given night having empty schedules that all require make-up lessons at a later date, it’s a nightmare!

Here are your options:

  • Come to your lesson
  • Don’t come to your lesson
  • Come to your lesson before or after you go trick or treating
  • Have a video lesson before or after you go trick or treating
  • Cancel your lesson through your portal and hope to find a make up spot

So with our new system you have the option of cancelling your Halloween lesson and using one of your 4 make up lessons.
Before you do, please note that many of our teachers are booked solid and getting that makeup class could be a challenge or impossible!
The make up credit is good till the end of the year though.

As always their are no refunds or financial credits for missed lessons