Mask Mandate in Winnipeg

As of today there is a mask mandate for the City of Winnipeg and surrounding area. What that means to us here is that Teachers, parents, students and visitors to the building must wear a mask while inside the building, our waiting area as well as during lessons. There is an exception for our voice students. We installed a plexi glass barrier before the the year started so we are in place to allow mask removal for voice students while seated behind the partition as well as during the lesson you can read more here but these are the pertinent quote:

” Masks are not required if people are seated at least two metres from others, or if there is a non-permeable physical barrier, such as a plexiglass barrier. However, people need to wear a mask at all times while moving to or from their seated position within the indoor public place.”

Accordingly it looks like if the teacher and student are the 6′ feet apart, they can remove their masks. Given the nature of teaching that doesn’t seem possible for the entire lesson so we will be leaving the masks on in those situations