Registration is now open for current students

If you have not already gotten one, in the next few days your teacher will be giving you their recommendation form. If you do not have one it may be because you have just started or are an adult.
This is part report card and part lesson advice – usually about practice, staying at the same minutes or increasing lesson time in the fall as well as suggestions around summer lessons. 

Pre-Registration for Fall

We are again offering pre-registration for current students before we open it up to the public. Pre-registration will take place starting immediately.  From now until May 20th you can pre-register for your same day and time and teacher for September 2023.
Notify the front desk in person, by e-mail or by phone.

Each year we have some changes in the fall schedule your current teacher/day/time combination might not be available.
Some Changes to Note:
Rob will be using his River Heights Studio (instead of Tuxedo) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
Paige is adding Tuesdays.
Rachel is adding Thursdays.
Klaus is adding Fridays.
Chantal is adding Fridays.
Rebeca has stopped teaching on Wednesdays but is adding Saturdays.
Deidra is no longer teaching Thursdays but is teaching longer hours on Saturdays.
Tamara is leaving us to return to further her education.

As well, some parents/students might be seeking to change their lesson time or day. Between May 21st  and May 31st is your chance to scoop up the spots not taken the first week.  

After May 31, you will still be able to register for spots, but we will be making the schedules open to the general public. Then it is first come, first served for any remaining spots.  

Notify the front desk in person, by e-mail or by phone.

Given that we have a full slate of students and regular inquiries to take on new students, we want to ensure all current students who are returning can secure a spot.
Even if you are not sure what other activities you have scheduled for the fall, pre-registration secures your spot.  If you need to change it, you can change it later. If not, then you keep your preferred time slot.


Monthly Payments: Credit card for monthly billing through the registration portal you have been using.
Payment in full for the year via Credit, debit, e-transfer, or cheque.
You need to do this outside of the registration system.
Notify the front desk in person, by e-mail or by phone.

Summer Session: Summer is a lot less complex. If you want summer lessons, you can register online right now. We teach on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the summer. All of the teachers are available with the exception of Paige.

Also don’t forget to register for the June 11th recital!

Robert, on behalf of the teachers and staff