Once More Unto the Breach My Friends

Manitoba government has, yet again, decided to forgo science and make restrictions against small businesses.

Out of one side of his lawyer doctor mouth Brent Roussin said that private indoor gatherings were driving the ‘3rd wave’ on the other side of his lawyer doctor mouth he closed off ALL activities for kids.

Anyone of us walking a dog can see which house in our neighbourhood is having or getting ready to have a party.

So instead of ramping up enforcement with by law officers to cruise neighbourhoods for those obvious signs, instead of ticketing 100% of the attendees to those rallies and protests, they have elected to cancel haircuts, soccer, music lessons, dance, theatre, backyards, etc.

Malls and big box stores?? Still open.

Ironically the by law bullies are still coming to our school to make sure our front desk person (who is wearing a mask behind plexiglass) is still wearing a mask.

They did that on the 2 Saturdays in a row that there were ‘freedom’ rallies at the forks.

Our business has produced zero cases of covid

Zero days lost to covid

Most teachers vaccinated or have an appointment.

Most of our students are kids still going to school.

Many of our students are adults who have been vaccinated (including doctors and nurses)

Despite that, we are forced to convert all to video lessons until ‘they’ say otherwise.